The 46th International Congress on Pathophysiology of Pregnancy
September 18-20, 2014, Tokyo, Japan

Call for Abstract

Abstract Submission: January 6 (Mon), 2014-May 20 (Tue), 2014

The Scientific Program Committee invites submission of original contributions for presentation at the 46th International Congress on Pathophysiology of Pregnancy.
All abstracts must be submitted via email:abstracts@nikko-pr.co.jponly.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the Committee and presented in the form of poster presentation. A number of outstanding abstracts will be selected for oral presentation at workshop. You may indicate your preference when submitting your abstract; however, the committee's decision is final.
Moreover, some outstanding abstracts by be awarded by the Scientific Committee.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 12:00 AM (Japan Time), May 20 (Tue), 2014

Instructions for abstract submission

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Abstracts must be typed and e-mailed using the Abstract Submission Form.
  • Please complete all sections of this form.
  • Save this whole document by choosing "File" "Save As" and name your file in the following manner: "yourlastname_yourcountry.doc" (or "yourlastname_yourcountry.docx").
  • Please e-mail your file to abstracts@nikko-pr.co.jp (Email subject is "46OG abstract").
  • Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.
  • Abstracts submitted by fax, etc. will not be accepted.
  • The deadline for the abstract submission is 12:00AM (Japan Time) on May 20 (Tue), 2014

Abstract Submission Guideline

  • The text should be single-spaced, Arial font and 10-point size.
  • The main body should include 1)objectives, 2)methods, 3)results, and 4)conclusions of the study, in a single paragraph respectively. Use standard abbreviations and the generic names of drugs.
  • Abstracts should contain no more than 1400 letters (of English alphabet) or less not including the title, authors and affiliations.
  • Abstract title – limited to 20 words
  • Tables, graphics and/or images will not be accepted.
  • Please select the topic from the following list, and tick an appropriate box in the Abstract Submission Form.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI): All speakers are required to disclose any conflict of interest (COI) at the 46th International Congress on Pathophysiology of Pregnancy. Please make sure to fill out whether you have COI at the time of abstract submission.
  • Please write author's names, attendances, affiliations, and academic positions. The author listed as the first author (presenter) for an abstract is required to attend the session.
  • You will receive a confirmation after submission.


  • preeclampsia – eclampsia / hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • high risk pregnancy
  • preterm delivery
  • ultrasonography in obstetrics
  • fetal monitoring
  • medical complications during pregnancy
  • thrombophilia during pregnancy
  • glucose intolerance and pregnancy
  • FGR
  • reproductive immunology
  • maternal infections
  • nutrition during pregnancy,DOHaD
  • disorders of fetus
  • pathophysiology of placenta
  • anesthesiology in obstetrics
  • maternal and perinatal mortality
  • epidemiology
  • recent topics in obstetrics
  • others
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